Your Daily Vegan & blogging

Just a quick reminder that I post over at Your Daily Vegan about all things related to nutrition. I am a bit more consistent on that website, but not by much. I am not sure why I can't get into the rhythm of blogging? I feel like I have a great deal to say about the world - nutrition or not; however, when it comes to sitting down and actually writing about it, "meh" is kind of the feeling that comes over me.

During most of my "formative" years, I kept a journal. It was never a task - it was enjoyable. Granted, it was never meant for anyone else to see, so maybe I was more apt to write knowing that no one would ever be looking at it with scrutinizing eyes? I could write about trivial events or the not-so-trivial events because it didn't matter. But I guess it still really doesn't matter. You will either read what I write or you won't. You will either return to read again or you won't. And maybe I will become more consistent in my writing or I won't. Time will tell...